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Finally it has become a reality !!! In March 1995 the authorities of the European Union agreed on the international educational programme SOCRATES, that is the cooperation among kindergartens, schools or universities from the EU countries and Cyprus. The aim of the scheme is to improve the quality of education through strengthening European collaboration. The programme enables students of any age to get to know other cultures and, consequently, different educational aspects. It also lets them create their own views on each of European countries, feel they belong to Europe and adjust to economic and social changes the continent is undergoing.

COMENIUS, the component part of SOCRATES programme, is a challenge for - 350 thousand schools in Europe and 69 million students of these schools.

The scheme strongly supports the idea of bettering the quality of school education and raising intercultural awareness. To be more specific, it aims at enriching and complementing educational systems used in the EU members. Moreover, Comenius is of great help for teachers and students because it makes them all feel the sense of belonging to a much bigger community, or even a family which has many different traditions but the same historical background.

The programme Comenius is divided into three different actions which are related to different educational goals:

  • Action 1 stimulates cooperation among educational institutions such as kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and realisation of European Educational Project;
  • Action 2 puts emphasis on collaboration as far as intercultural education is concerned - it means educating immigrants, Roman children and people moving from place to place because of their work;
  • Action 3 aims at popularisation of educational workers' promotion through supporting European Projects of Improving Job Qualifications . Another goal is to involve educational institutions which help to improve job qualifications of people improving learning conditions;
  • All the three actions mentioned are to complement each other very well. Expected aims of each of the actions are to help improve educating people in Europe and raise the level of pupils' achievements.

    Apart from that, there are other actions closely connected with SOCRATES programme such as Lingua, Arion or ODL which give benefits to educational institutions.

    Action 1 of the Comenius programme supports the cooperation of various schools. The collaboration entails getting together different countries. There must be at least 3 such countries of the EU and up to 2 other countries. The chief goal of each of the partners is to work together on European educational programmes and to concentrate on the topics which appeal to almost all the participants. Such topics are cultural heritage, natural environment, science and technologies. The project concerns all the partners and is to educate members of all the partner schools. Choosing the topic participants should take into account the interdisciplinary aspect of the project.

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