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The coordinator of the project "ARE WE ALIKE OR DO WE DIFFER MORE?" which is part of the international programme Socrates Commenius is a Polish artistic school in Radom called Oscar Kolberg's Music Schools.

in Radom

26- 600 RADOM

Telephon: +(48) 48 362 66 65

Fax: + (48) 48 362 76 83

E-mail: okolberg7@go2.pl


Project coordinator::


Mail: okolberg777@go2.pl


Oscar Kolberg's Music Schools were founded in Radom in 1999 as a result of a merger between two music schools. The first artistic institution providing music lessons for students in Radom was the Music School of the First Level. It was established in 1945 and educated children /aged 7 - 12/ for 12 years. In 1966 the school was changed into the Music School of the First and the Second Level. Then, thirty-three years later /1995/ another state school was started up. It was a comprehensive music school, in which students were taught not only music but also regular subjects. Next, four years later, the two schools were joined to become Oscar Kolberg's Music Schools of the First and the Second Level. Zdzisław Włodarski was appointed as the headmaster and Ewa Jaskólska as the vice-headmaster.

There are almost 640 students at the age of 7-19, who are attended to by 120 teachers. The institution has two headquarters. In one of them, which is situated at Kiliński Street, there are 230 students aged 7-12 taught according to primary school curriculum and 60 students aged 13-15 educated in compliance with lower secondary school curriculum. There are 36 teachers. However, every year more and more students and teachers join the music schools.


The priority of our school is providing a comprehensive education and tutoring of young people, creation of the best conditions for pupils' development. As a result of joining the European Union by Poland we (teachers, parents and students) are aware of the need of teaching tolerance and openness to other nations while maintaining at the same time own dentity. It can be achieved best during direct contacts with teenagers from other countries. We think that a project worked out , consulted and accepted by partner schools conveys universal values. We would like to promote our school in an international environment in Europe, deepen knowledge about schools we are going to cooperate with, exchange experiences and put an emphasis on developing personalities.

In our school there is a rule of involving into different activities the greatest number of participants. Every member of the school community (students, teachers and parents) has got the right to work on determining the aims and priorities of international cooperation. All the given proposals are considered in details. The final decision is taken by the Headmaster and the Coordinator of the project acting with the Teachers' Council, Parents' Council and School Self-Government.

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